«Little helpful heard»

SPD member of parliament and health expert Karl Lauterbach criticizes churches' contribution in fight against Corona. In his eyes, there had been few practical proposals from the churches to contain the virus.

Lauterbach was critical of the churches' role in the Corona pandemic, he told Funke Mediengruppe newspapers (Monday). "I have the impression, unfortunately, that not so many practical proposals have come from the denominations so far on how they can help to contain it. Unfortunately, I have heard little helpful from the churches," he said.

"The utmost caution" on the feast days

At the same time, the health politician called on citizens to exercise "the utmost caution" during the holidays. "We must now already expect very full hospitals. Therefore, I urgently appeal to celebrate with as small a group as possible, putting on the mask — as unpleasant as that is," Lauterbach said. "I know that many people will not adhere to it, but this is wrong."

FFP2 masks to churches distribute

For Christmas services, he suggests FFP2 masks be distributed at church entrances. "Then the elderly do not have to run to the pharmacies," he continued. Pharmacies currently offer three FFP2 protective masks free of charge to people over the age of 60 and to high-risk patients.

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