Tops upgrades store

To adapt to changing customer needs, Thailand's leading supermarket chain has transformed one of its flagship stores. Six special zones are to act as visitor magnets in the process.

Tops' Westgate store carries more than 40.000 products from around the world. The main focus is on six new areas: Baker's Oven, Healthifulis, World of Snacks, Looks, at Taste and Petster. Baker's Oven, in this case, is simply a shop-in-shop bakery with dine-in seating, offering Asian- and European-style baked goods and enjoying Coffee Arigato beverages. For the bigger appetite, at Taste is ready. Freshly prepared dishes are served in this zone.


Healthiful appears to be much more progressive, as Tops offers healthy products and foods in cooperation with the Institute of Nutrition at Mahidol University. Particular attention is paid to people with special requirements, such as food allergy sufferers. Tops had already opened its first Healthiful store in its Chengwattana market a month ago. As there, customers can consult nutrition experts from Mahidol University online with the new offering. Those who ask them a question via the official Facebook page should receive an answer within 24 hours.Healthiful finds its counterpart in the World of Snacks, which carries tasty snacks from over a hundred brands.

Tops upgrades store

Beauty and pets

Looks is a beauty and lifestyle zone that offers beauty products and personal care products from well-known international brands. Special subsections are dedicated to 3-day looks as well as best-sellers. With Petster Tops dedicates itself for the first time in detail to the animal lovers, who here for their proteges over 2.000 articles can be purchased.

Tops upgrades store

Regional and fresh

In addition to the six highlight zones, there is the JingJai farmers' market, which focuses on vegetables, fruit and food from local production. The Fresh Food Zone, meanwhile, has been expanded in terms of space, as consumers are now increasingly buying ingredients and then cooking at home. A baby and fashion zone, along with pharmacies, a store selling Thai herbal products and the Japanese health and beauty store Matsumoto Kiyoshi, round out the offering.

On- and offline

The service is thereby comprehensive: The purchased goods are transported if requested up to the car, self-service checkouts facilitate before a contactless Shopping. In addition, customers can also order items online via purchase to subsequently have it delivered to their home or pick it up themselves in the drive-in process. Orders can also be placed by phone, via chat or the GrabFood/GrabMart applications.

The concept now launched is intended to serve as a blueprint for all of Tops' premium lifestyle stores in Thailand. With it, the company aims to become the number 1 shopping location in West Bangkok and benefit from the increased purchasing power there.

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