Store operators simply don't have the time

Lack of time is the most common reason for online store operators to shy away from creating their own content. This was the result of an online survey conducted over several months by content automation specialist uNaice GmbH.

For more than 70 percent of the 152 e-commerce company representatives who responded to the survey, time is the biggest barrier related to product copywriting. In addition, for just under half (49 percent of respondents, multiple answers possible), the cost aspect of content creation is a serious problem.

For 37 percent of the participants in the online survey, this means that they always have too little content available in the form of product descriptions and category texts for the reasons mentioned above. Out of necessity, many online retailers resort to manufacturer texts, which in turn leads to problems with duplicate content. This was confirmed by 26 percent of the respondents, who rightly see problems with visibility by search engines. Search engines devalue similar or even identical content of different stores and microsites, so that in the end none of the product texts achieves one of the top positions in the search result lists (SERPs) on Google. The retail experts surveyed saw the creation of product descriptions in additional languages as a further problem. Still, 15 percent judged that they understand the multilingualism of the content as one of the biggest challenges.

Store operators simply don't have the time

"With the help of a text robot, the challenges mentioned by the online stores can be mastered. In total, up to 75 percent of the working time can be saved and better texts are created for people and search engines," explains Christian Meyer, Managing Director of uNaice, provider of intelligent content automation solutions.


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