«Berlin must not remain silent on turkey military deployment»

Actually, the olive branch is an international symbol of peace © Marie Accomiato (KNA)

Since the end of January, the Turkish army has been attacking Kurds in northern Syria. The action is internationally considered illegal under international law. Nevertheless, there is hardly any protest — not even from the church. Now the EKD is speaking out.

The Peace Commissioner of the Council of the Evangelical Church in Germany (EKD), Renke Brahms, has called on the German government to take a clear stand against Turkey's invasion of Kurdish territory in Syria, which violates international law. It must also express this in the North Atlantic Council of NATO, he said on Sunday in Hanover.

"The longer the German government remains silent here, the more the impression of German approval of this military mission is created," he added. According to the EKD peace commissioner, the Turkish military action also poses the risk of a further escalation not only of the Syrian civil war, but also in the entire region. U.S. soldiers could suddenly find themselves facing Turkish military forces. Moreover, he said, it could not be ruled out that Iraq would be involved in this new conflict.

German weapons in action

Brahms also referred to the use of German weapons in the conflict. He said that this shows how dangerous it is to supply German armaments without contractual restrictions, even to allies. "This development shows the whole problem of arms exports."


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