Healthy lunch break is difficult to reconcile with full-time job

Although 80 percent of those surveyed consider a healthy diet important or. is very important, 49 percent often have just enough for a sandwich or a roll during their lunch break — and they eat it right at their desk in front of their PC, according to a representative survey commissioned by BKK Mobil Oil on the occasion of Healthy Eating Day (07.03.) out.*

According to the survey results, companies also have a responsibility: for example, one in two say that their own employer offers employees no or too little support in eating healthily at work.

Too little time to eat and a lack of options on the part of the employer: many full-time employees find it difficult to eat healthily in their everyday working lives. Yet the desire for a balanced diet is definitely there — 78 percent of male and 82 percent of female employees state that a healthy diet is important to them or that it is important for them to eat well. very important. In addition, 49 percent of men and 50 percent of women rate "healthy and nutritious" as the most important criteria when it comes to workplace nutrition — far ahead of "taste" in second place and "speed" in third place.

"Awareness of healthy eating is definitely present among many working people," says nutritionist Prof. Dr. Sibylle Adam. "The connection between a regular, balanced diet and physical and mental performance on the job is also well known. And yet many already make the first mistake in the morning by not eating breakfast and thus starting the day without energy."According to Adam, this usually takes its revenge in the course of the morning in the form of incidentally consumed, high-calorie snacks. The Expertin guesses in principle to conscious meal, and should it be sufficient in the lunch break temporally only for a roll at the desk, one should chew this at least in peace, so that the saturation feeling can occur. "Those who eat a hot meal at lunchtime should avoid meals that are high in fat and very high in carbohydrates, and rather opt for vegetable dishes or salads. Pasta dishes are also suitable if a vegetable-based sauce is chosen instead of a cheese cream sauce. This is then not quite so heavy on the stomach and gets us through the afternoon well."

Support and numerous tips on how to better combine a job and a healthy diet are available to working people from the statutory health insurance funds, among others. Online courses such as the myHEALTHcoach of BKK Mobil Oil show how healthy nutrition can be implemented in everyday working life without much effort, which choice is best during the lunch break and what the latest nutrition trends are all about.

When it comes to the topic of healthy eating, every second respondent would like to see more support from the employer and rates the current opportunities for healthy eating in the work environment as insufficient. "Creating the framework for healthy eating on the job pays off for companies," says nutrition expert Adam. "Against the backdrop of demographic change alone, it is becoming increasingly important for employers to maintain the motivation and health of their employees — and here, of course, nutrition has a decisive influence."In addition to suitable rooms with refrigerators in which employees can eat the food they have brought themselves in peace and quiet, the expert advises healthy snacks, free water dispensers and — if available — optimization of the company catering system.

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