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The Lower Saxony Ministry of the Interior, together with the city of Delmenhorst, wants to take a close legal look at the planned donation of a hotel to a right-wing extremist foundation. It must be clarified whether this was a "bypass deal," said a ministry spokesman.

Lower Saxony's Ministry of the Interior, together with the city of Delmenhorst, wants to take a close legal look at the planned donation of a hotel to a right-wing extremist foundation. It would have to be clarified whether it was a "bypass deal," a ministry spokesman said. The owner of the "Hotel am Stadtpark" in Delmenhorst had announced that the property, which is currently empty, would be transferred to a right-wing extremist foundation represented by the Hamburg lawyer Jurgen Rieger, who was convicted of incitement of the people.

Town defends itself against Nazi plans Rieger wants to set up a training center for right-wing groups there. "We cannot yet conclusively assess how high Rieger's interest really is," Engemann said. He said an official at the ministry was currently dealing exclusively with the matter in Delmenhorst.Rieger had originally announced that he wanted to buy the hotel for 3.4 million euros. This had caused a storm of indignation in the 79.000-inhabitants city with Bremen released. A citizens' initiative and the city of Delmenhorst have called for donations to purchase the hotel itself. On a trust account are so far more than 700.000 euros received. The city declared the area around the hotel a redevelopment area and therefore now has a right of first refusal. To get around this, Mergel is considering the donation.

Protest rally planned Ultimately, the rule of law cannot interfere in private transactions, said Engemann: "But we can help Rieger to lose his appetite."This also included building law requirements. The ministry would support civic engagement against right-wing extremism by all means possible. Engemann referred to the examples of Dorverden near Verden and Hameln, where Rieger could hardly use two of his properties because of citizen protests. In Dorverden Rieger had bought a former Bundeswehr site, in Hamelin a movie theater.The German Federation of Trade Unions announced a protest rally for Wednesday evening against a takeover of the hotel by Rieger. Meanwhile, on the Internet on the site of right-wing extremists more than 2.000 opponents of the neo-Nazi center denounced by name and insulted as "traitors to the people. According to experts, Rieger is said to have already bought more than 50 properties in the past six years, including castles and empty supermarket halls.

"Where he buys buildings, right-wing germ cells develop" Right-wing extremism expert Andrea Roepke has warned against further property purchases by neo-Nazi lawyer Jurgen Rieger. The right-wing extremist, who wants to buy a hotel in Delmenhorst near Bremen, has bought more than 50 properties nationwide in the past six years, Roepke said.Even if the Delmenhorster citizens' initiative succeeds in buying the "Hotel am Stadtpark" before Rieger does, the right-wing functionary will continue to look for suitable houses in the Weser-Ems region.Rieger and his environment are according to Roepke politically still right of the NPD. "Where it buys buildings, right-wing nuclei develop," she said. In Verden, for example, the NPD's share of the vote increased tenfold in the last election.Listen to Hartmut Rosch here in the this site interview,

Co-organizer of the fundraiser , On the hotelier's announcement that he will give away his hotel to neo-Nazi lawyer Jurgen Rieger: "It will go ahead, even intensified. It has only brought our community closer together."

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