Coca-cola enters the milk business

The Coca-Cola soft drink company has launched a new beverage on the market. It is said to be an "improved" version of cow's milk with less sugar and more protein. The company says it expects the product to be a "money-spinner".

Coca-Cola has unveiled a new milk in the U.S. that the company says has made some "improvements" over the original natural product. In exchange, it's said to cost twice as much as regular milk, Business Insider reports. The drink is called FairLife, is lactose-free and has 50 percent more protein, 30 percent more calcium and 50 percent less sugar than regular milk.

The group says it hopes the product will bring the company a "windfall" of money.

Just recently, lawmakers changed the requirements to allow milk drinks to still be called "milk," even in an altered form, in an effort to establish milk as a soft drink for children. Milk is also portrayed as a trendy drink in the commercial.

Health experts increasingly believe cow's milk is more harmful than helpful to health. Milk could trigger skin blemishes such as acne, he says. In addition, milk could trigger obesity.

However, the milk is said not to taste like cola and does not contain any other ingredients of the caffeine lemonade.

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