“Like an arbitrator's ruling”

The Federal Labor Court has relaxed the church's ban on strikes, but at the same time strengthened the church's own path in labor law. The Bonn legal scholar and church law expert Gregor Thusing assessed the ruling as an "arbitrator's decision that wants to do justice to both sides". Thusing heads the Institute for Labor Law and Social Security Law at the University of Bonn.

CBA: Professor Thusing, how do you assess the ruling of the Federal Labor Court??

Thusing: It seems to me like an arbitrator's ruling that wants to do justice to both sides. He gives the churches the right to go their own way in labor law. And the ruling grants unions access to the churches' labor-law commissions, as well as a right to strike by church employees in certain cases.


“Ass huh, zang ussenander”

Cologne shows clear edge against racism and neo-Nazis on Friday with a reprise of "Arsch huh, Zang ussenander" ("Ass huh, get angry"). The large rally ties in with the legendary concert 20 years ago on the Chlodwigplatz in Cologne. Bommel Luckerath of the Black Fooss was one of those who took part at the time and will be there this time as well. On our site interview he gives a preview of the open-air concert.

20 years ago, a wave of xenophobic attacks like those in Rostock-Lichtenhagen, Hoyerswerda and Solingen had given the impetus. Everyone was "pretty catchless" and "paralyzed," Bommel Luckerath recalls on our site interview. "At that time we said to ourselves, we must somehow make a statement and give vent to our indignation."

Exactly 20 years to the day after the big "Arsch huh" event against racism in Cologne, on 9. November again held a rally with a large open-air concert in the cathedral city. Many of the artists involved in 1992 are on stage again this year. This, of course, includes Bommel. Among others, BAP, the Black Fooss, Brings, the Hohner, Kasalla and the Zeltinger band will perform on the grounds of the Deutz shipyard on the banks of the Rhine.


“Demarcation line” crossed?

The SPD's criticism of the CDU/CSU's behavior in the security debate is becoming increasingly severe. Vice Chancellor Franz Muntefering said Wednesday that Defense Minister Franz Josef Jung (CDU) had crossed a "demarcation line" with his comments on shooting down hijacked passenger planes. SPD rights expert Klaus Uwe Benneter accused Jung and Federal Interior Minister Wolfgang Schauble (CDU) of poisoning the coalition climate. Juso leader Bjorn Bohning called for Jung's resignation.


“Do not forget the poor”

The aid agency Misereor is among the civil society representatives to be included in the deliberations at the G20 summit. In an interview, chief executive Pirmin Spiegel talks about his expectations.

CBA: What to expect from this week's G20 summit in Hamburg, Germany?

Spiegel: The summit is taking place in very turbulent times, when the G20 is facing a test of strength because many member states are guided by national interests. Therefore, the signs do not seem to be very good for constructive solution-oriented negotiations. For example, when it comes to the sustainable development goals set by the UN in Agenda 2030 or the Paris climate agreement. Here we are more skeptical than confident. Also in terms of a much-needed fairer and more socially acceptable economic and financial policy.